Holiday Home Safety: Protecting Your Property During Festive Celebrations

Catherine Sawatsky  |  December 6, 2023

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Holiday Home Safety: Protecting Your Property During Festive Celebrations

As the festive season unfolds, our homes become a canvas for joyous celebrations. Yet, amidst the holiday cheer, it's crucial to prioritize the safety of our havens. Welcome to our blog, "Holiday Home Safety: Protecting Your Property During Festive Celebrations." In this guide, we delve into the art of securing homes during the holidays, addressing safety concerns, and offering sellers invaluable tips to safeguard their properties amidst the seasonal festivities.


   1. Exterior Illumination and Safety

  • Illuminate the exterior of your property strategically. Ensure walkways and entry points are well-lit to prevent accidents, and consider motion-activated lights for an added layer of security.

   2. Secure Decorations and Outdoor Displays

  • Anchor outdoor decorations securely to prevent them from becoming hazards in winter weather. This includes inflatables, light displays, and any temporary structures.

  3. Fire Safety

  • Emphasize fire safety during the holidays. From cautious placement of candles to inspecting the integrity of holiday lights, educate homeowners on minimizing fire risks and ensuring working smoke detectors.

  4. Package Delivery Security

  • With the surge in online shopping during the holidays, advise homeowners on secure package delivery. Suggest options like package lockers, arranging for deliveries when someone is home, or using smart doorbell cameras for added security.

  5. Protecting Home Against Break-Ins

  • Provide tips on securing homes against break-ins during holiday travel. This may include reinforcing doors and windows, setting up smart security systems, and notifying neighbors or local authorities about your absence.


In the tapestry of holiday celebrations, prioritizing the safety of our homes is paramount. This guide serves as a beacon of guidance, offering practical advice on securing homes and addressing safety concerns during this joyous season. Whether you're a homeowner preparing to celebrate or a seller safeguarding your property, may your festive season be not only merry but also marked by the assurance that your home is protected with care and caution.

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